Orange Berry Infusion

Orange Berry Infusion

Cafe Zupas’ Orange Berry Infusion is a light, delicate orange drink with a tinge of strawberry. This drink is somehow both the perfect beverage for when you’re sick, and the ideal drink for a summer garden party. This is what my favorite celebrities and I would sip in a rose garden while eating cucumber sandwiches and petit fours. I can dream, right?



5 large oranges, sliced in half

1 cup sliced strawberries

1/2 cup good honey

Fresh mint leaves, optional



Dissolve the honey in 2 cups of hot water. I use my trusty electric kettle for this, because it’s a million times faster than actually waiting for water to boil.

Slice some orange wedges to use as a garnish, and then squeeze the rest of the oranges into the honey water.

After juicing the oranges, mix in more water. The ratio of honey water to fresh-squeezed orange juice is a matter of taste. I’ve found that a ratio of 1:1 is about right for me, because I like a more delicate taste. So in a two-quart jug, I used one quart orange juice and one quart honey water. Use less water to produce a brighter, classic orange juice flavor.

After mixing together, garnish with the strawberries, the remaining oranges, and mint leaves (optional). Chill the orange berry infusion.

Note: don’t make this too far ahead, or the strawberries will lose their color. Make it the day of serving. You can add a wedge of orange to the rim of each class if you want to be extra fancy, but this will taste amazing either way. Enjoy!

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